Potato Bedding and Greenhouse Gases

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Potato Bedding and Greenhouse Gases

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Dr. Rezvan Karimi, Lethbridge College, and Guillermo Hernandez, University of Alberta

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Associate Professor

Renewable Resources

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Potential start dates: January or April 2023.

Highly qualified candidates are encouraged to inquire about this MSc or PhD position.

Working directly with Dr. Rezvan Karimi, Soil Fertility Research Scientist, based in Lethbridge College, Dr. Roland Kroebel, Research and Development Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and Dr. Guillermo Hernandez, Associate Professor, University of Alberta, and registered as a graduate student at University of Alberta, Department of Renewable Resources.

Join a new project investigating potato production and greenhouse gases. Fall bedding is a common practice in potato production in southern Alberta. The practice, which involves irrigation, broadcasting of fertilizer, plowing, and the formation of beds, aims to provide favorable soil structure conditions in the spring. It is also a practical approach, allowing growers to prepare the soil in a period where other crops require less time and labor. However, these fall activities may have effects on soil fertility and crop nutrient availability as there is a long
time lag between nutrient application and crop uptake. This time lag may decrease nutrient use efficiency and increase greenhouse gas emissions. In this project, we will combine field experiments and computer simulations to quantify the impact of bedding choices and timing and
their interaction with irrigation practices on potato production and soil health.

Support in developing and completing an impactful research project will be provided. No experience necessary, however, familiarity and interests in the research subject would be a strong asset.

The successful candidate will spend most of the research program tenure at the UAlberta campus in Edmonton (including completion of his/her coursework requirements) and with visits to the Lethbridge College facilities as part of the degree program. The successful candidate will have the great opportunity to work with a diverse group of researchers across scientific disciplines at both prestigious institutions.

Apply with CV, scanned copies of transcripts and a brief letter introducing yourself and your research interests to:
Guillermo Hernandez, ghernand@ualberta.ca


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