Maintaining ecological resilience through ecosystem-based forest management

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Maintaining ecological resilience through ecosystem-based forest management

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Dr. Charles Nock

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Assistant Professor

Renewable Resources

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In Alberta, a diversity of forest types within the Boreal and Foothills Ecoregions are managed by our partners and offer significant ecological, economic and social benefits to Canada’s environment, communities, citizens and economy. Therefore, sustainably managing these forests is important provincially, nationally and internationally. As a basis for sustainable management, the forest sector is continually seeking to improve their understanding of forest ecosystems, their interrelated parts, and how they respond to disturbance. The University is a strong partner in this quest by focusing research efforts on key knowledge gaps and providing evidence-based solutions that will place our partners, and Canada, as world leaders in sound management of forest landscapes and the diversity of values they provide.

I have funding for a number of graduate students to work on a group of interlinked projects related to Ecosystem-based forest management (EBM), with a focus on the forests of Alberta. Recruited students will be part of a team exploring diverse aspects of EBM, including: 1) the emulation of natural disturbance by retention of forest structural characteristics, and 2) mixed forest resilience to drought.


  • Structural complexity and tree attributes in fire and harvest remnants (PhD*)

  • Comparing patterns of tree mortality and CWM in fire and harvest island remnants (PhD*, MSc)

  • Vascular plant species and functional diversity responses to island remnants (PhD*)

  • Testing for differences in drought resilience in pure and mixed stands using dendrochronology (PhD*)


*Note that PhD above indicates preference but strong MSc candidates will be considered and the project scope adjusted accordingly.


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