Identifying food-related benefits of hunting to ambivalent hunters.

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Identifying food-related benefits of hunting to ambivalent hunters.

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Wendy Wismer

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Associate Professor

Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science

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The overall research goal is to identify food-related benefits of hunting among ambivalent (occasional) hunters in Alberta to understand the appeal of hunting wild game for food. This will be achieved by a series of 3 studies over 4 years. In the first study, an on-line survey will be used to generate a profile of values, socio-demographics, and interest/ involvement with food among both ambivalent and committed hunters that identify motivations for hunting game for food. The second study will use the social science technique of laddering to identify core values of ambivalent hunters. The third study will utilize conjoint analysis to compare the relative importance of the core values and factors from study two to identify food-related benefits of hunting that resonate among ambivalent hunters in Alberta to support further participation in this activity.

Qualifications: To competently perform the research and ensure self-reflexivity and resonance, the candidate will be accepting of meat consumption, hunting, and the consumption of wild game for food. Experience with, or keen interest in qualitative methodologies is essential. The candidate should have an MSc in a social science or food-related area of study.

Excellent organizational, written and verbal communication skills, as well as an outstanding ability to collaborate/work with others, are essential. Candidates must pass the minimum requirements for admission into the Ph.D. program at the University of Alberta in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science.

Funding: $CAD 25,000 per annum stipend for each of four years.  Research costs and conference travel is included. Funding ends March 31, 2025.

Location: University of Alberta Main (north) campus in Edmonton, Alberta.  Studies will be completed through on-line surveys as well as in-person and virtual interviews.

Interested candidates should contact Wendy Wismer via email.  Include in the e-mail a letter of application, including CV and contact details for two references, and a copy of unofficial transcripts.

food, meat, consumer science, food science, hunting, qualitative

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$ 25,000.00