The assessment of soil properties and impacts on surface runoff

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The assessment of soil properties and impacts on surface runoff

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Dr. William Shotyk

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Renewable Resources

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The SWAMP lab facility is seeking highly motivated students with excellent communication skills to undertake research related to trace element concentration and speciation in the dissolved and particulate fractions of surface waters, and in soils and soil solutions.

The MSc student will focus on the assessment of soil properties, including trace element concentrations and speciation, and the impacts of these soils on surface runoff. Soil solutions will also be collected and characterized using purpose-built lysimeters.

This research which will occur in the context of an experimental engineered landscape in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region that is designed to treat waste streams for eventual release.

The SWAMP lab is a world class, metal-free analytical facility in the Department of Renewable Resources at the Uof A, which is purpose-built to routinely conduct measurements at trace end ultra-trace concentration, and for particle size analysis at the nano- and micro-scales

trace elements,analytical geochemistry,soil science

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To apply, send  a concise statement of interest, CV, IELTS scores, transcripts and names of two references to Tracy Gartner (


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$ 24,000.00