Nitrous Oxide Sources and Fluxes from Soils: Nitrogen Effects

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Nitrous Oxide Sources and Fluxes from Soils: Nitrogen Effects

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Guillermo, Hernandez Ramirez

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Associate Professor

Renewable Resources

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To quantify and reduce N2O emissions from soils recurrently receiving nitrogen additions are critical challenges for scientists, farm managers and the broader society. To achieve these goals, it is essential to develop new understanding of the underlying soil processes, controlling factors, and their spatio-temporal variations in both natural and intensively-managed ecosystems. On-going research efforts target the beneficial coordination of land management practices to mitigate N2O emissions in unison with a multi-functionality system approach. There is also a need to verify if nutrient use-efficiency and productivity by plants are maintained, reduced or increased as a function of management choices. Collectively, putative enhancements in ecosystem performance will underpin sustainability of these land-use systems. This research will address these inquiries via multi-year field experiments, controlled assays, and modelling to advance knowledge and identify balanced solutions.

Nitrous oxide,Soils,Nitrogen

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Hernandez Ramirez
University of Alberta
426 Earth Sciences Building
Sky: hr.guillermo


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